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The Master Mind Group

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This section of Affiliates Marketing Solutions is a focus on working together in formal or informal joint ventures and simply sharing know-how and resources.

Inspired by Sean Rasmussen, the Master Mind Group is working to help one another succeed online.

Formed from a bunch of colleagues who travelled together in June and July (2010) in Sean's "For A Few Dollars More" Learn and Earn competition, we have decided to continue that experience and emulate Sean's generosity by sharing future learning and resources.

We will add links on this page to feature:
Members and their sites and resources
Free resources and tools - for any visitor to this site

Through this joint activity we hope others will be able to also find solutions and edcuation that assists them move into internet marketing successfully

Communication will be Skype and email





The experience has been a great opportunity to have access to much of Seans extemely helpful tips, ideas and strategies for Internet Marketing.

One result, apart from great education - all freely given btw - is that some of us have decided to keep in contact and continue to share ideas in order that we all may progress with our online business ventures.


The guiding lights that have given us the inspiration for this group are Sean Rasmussen Naploeon Hill and Warren Buffet.
























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