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Parenting Is Never Easy - In Some Cases Bloody Difficult


But Let's Face It ...... Is there Anything Better?

No! No! - Stop Thinking About A Carribean Vacation!


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Want the Perfect Family?

It ain't gonna happen - but you can have a stable, happy, well balanced family that get's along together

So don’t give up – you can, and are probably doing a good job of it already

But, if there are some difficulties or it seems you are mired in an eternal cycle of clashing with the kids
there are plenty of resources out there to help.

Kids will be kids - they will constantly try your patience, batter at your resistance, challenge your authority, be disruptive and untidy - but that's their job.

Yours is to keep sane, maintain a steady path and hope like hell, that when they come out of the tunnel of discovering the world around them and the mess of hormonal moodiness, that they will be balanced young adults ready to really take on the world.

Above all else - keep a sense of humour!


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Blending families after re-mariage is not easy.

Too Much Too Soon

The Three "L's"

Situations Of Risk

Phases Of Adaptation

Negotiating With Teens