"Expert Gardening Solutions"

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint AND having a beautiful garden

 Here's what you'll discover today, inside...

  • Eco-friendly gardening; how to be green naturally with a garden
  • Cottage gardens
  • Rose gardening
  • Fragrant and climbing plants
  • Lawn Care
  • Tips and ideas for garden and landscape design
  • Soil preparation
  • The Food garden: How to grow vegetables, fruits, salads (basic instructions)
  • Practicalities and care
  • Recommended books on gardening
  • And Much More...

This is an e-book specifically for new gardeners - there are clear ideas and instructions to

help new home-owners get going with their first garden or re-designing one.

Download your copy of

"Expert Gardening Solutions"


It may be slow to download due to the graphics
Once it is uploaded just save to your desktop and happy gardening!

Now Available FREE

An 18 Page Supplement


The Things You Can Do
Ideas, Plants, Maintenance in a simple format


Please feel free to contact me if you need more help. I can provide
some inexpensive simple designs and ideas in any way that suits you or your budget.

There is no charge for answering a few basics, but if you would like more coaching
I will negotiate a very reasonable rate that suits us both


Peter Damien Ryan
Skypename: peterryan100








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